Matplotlib provides a variety of color maps that you can style your content with.

The next nine lines of code produces the image below:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

img = plt.imread('images/thebeast.png')
lum_img = img[:, :, 0]
plt.imsave('images/thebeast-plasma.png', lum_img, cmap='plasma')
plt.imsave('images/thebeast-PuRd_r.png', lum_img, cmap='PuRd_r')
plt.imsave('images/thebeast-bupu.png', lum_img, cmap='BuPu')
plt.imsave('images/thebeast-greens.png', lum_img, cmap='Greens')
plt.imsave('images/thebeast-oranges.png', lum_img, cmap='Oranges')
plt.imsave('images/thebeast-ocean.png', lum_img, cmap='ocean')

Plasma Beast Pink Beast Blue Beast Green Beast Orange Beast Ocean Beast