This post shows stock prices for four of the biggest companies in the world in a single chart.

from import DataReader
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# set the dates
now =
start = (now - timedelta(days=365)).date()
end =

# Set the ticker
ticker = 'AAPL', 'ADBE', 'GOOGL', 'MSFT'
# Set the data source
data_source = 'google'  #use google finance
# Import the stock prices
stock_prices = DataReader(ticker, data_source, start, end)
# Plot Close
stock_prices['Close'].plot(title='Apple vs Adobe vs Google vs Microsoft Share Prices')
fig = plt.gcf()
fig.set_size_inches(9, 9)
fig.savefig('images/combined-apple-adobe-google-microsoft.png', dpi=80)

Stock prices of Apple, Adobe, Google and Microsoft on a single chart